Feral Horses Suffering

slide14_sidebarTNHorses are animals of the open plains; they are not woodland animals. Situations which are common to native woodland animals such as deer become lethal to horses.


Please consider moving the proposed SpaceX launch facility from Camden County, Ga. to Cape Canaveral, Fla.

A private space port directly across from Cumberland Island National Seashore which would require frequent closures of the national park to the public. It would consume and pollute massive amounts of water. It would also result in innumerable harms to ecology and human health. And it will cost taxpayers billions in promised federal subsidies and tax breaks. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has already pledged $6 billion toward a private launch site for SpaceX.

Meanwhile, just down the coast from Cumberland, the under-utilized Kennedy Flight Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, would welcome the additional traffic. If the FAA is going to spend $6 billion in spaceport development, why not use the existing, federally funded infrastructure that is already in place at Cape Canaveral and hardly being used?

Thank you for considering saving money, water, and wildlife by moving the proposed facility to Cape Canaveral.

Organizations across the Southeast are organizing against the proposed space port across from Cumberland Island. Join us in saving money, water, and wildlife by urging the FAA and SpaceX to move the proposed space port to the existing federally funded launch pad Cape Canaveral. Sign our petition on the home page and spread the word.


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