Maintain the 300 Visitor Per Day Limit

March 27, 2014  | 
    I am writing to express concern over the proposal to consider increasing the 300-person daily limit on Cumberland Island.

    When Cumberland Island was made a National Seashore, Congress directed the National Park Service that “no development of the project or plan for the convenience of visitors shall be undertaken which would be incompatible with the preservation of the unique flora and fauna” (section 5b). Increasing the number of visitors will also directly increase the human impact on the island’s already fragile ecosystems and would contradict the very purpose for which Cumberland Island was preserved as a national seashore.

    Furthermore, the Wilderness Act indicates that an area is set aside for wilderness when it “has outstanding opportunities for solitude” (section 2c). Nature lovers cherish the increasingly rare opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of lands untouched by the impacts of tourism and development.

    I urge you to consider what makes Cumberland Island special — it’s diverse ecosystems and its opportunities for solitude in nature — and to maintain the 300 visitor per day limit.