Avoid This Map

January 23, 2018  |  Ear to the Sand

A map of Cumberland Island recently released by The Georgia Conservancy contains numerous errors and inconsistencies. The map re-names or mis-names several trails and other features of the island, and it removes some old roads and establishes new roads without any explanation.

For example, the map includes a closed road to Whitney Lake that will encourage continued motor vehicle use, even though the Park Service has officially closed it. The map also removes some roads and trails that are the sites of long-term historic and ecological research projects. Its legend includes a symbol for paved roads, but there are no paved roads on Cumberland Island.

The map was accompanied by many hours of trail work by The Georgia Conservancy, which is deeply appreciated. Unfortunately, the map they helped produce needs to be corrected and amended.

Please email Cumberland Island Superintendent Gary Ingram to encourage a revision of this map: gary_ingram@nps.gov


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