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Sea Camp dock temporarily closed

Sea Camp dock temporarily closed

September 13, 2015  |  Ear to the Sand, Uncategorized

Sea Camp dock will be closed for a few weeks while the dock is rebuilt. For the rest of September, the ferry stops at Dungeness dock. From there, the National Park Service transport campers up to Sea Camp by bus.

Gary Ingram to Serve as Permanant Superintendent

April 21, 2014


Gary Ingram arrived at Cumberland Island National Seashore in January 2014 on a four month
assignment as acting superintendent, following the hasty departure of Fred Boyles.  Recently, the National Park Service announced that by mid-May, Ingram will begin serving as the permanent superintendent. Before arriving on Cumberland Island, Ingram was the superintendent of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains, Georgia.

Prior to moving to Georgia, Gary served as an assistant Regional Director in Washington, D. C., where he represented Alaska’s parks and Regional Office in dealing with the Department of Interior, NPS, Congress, and special interest groups. Gary’s background is broad, his people skills honed, and he seems to care about Wilderness.

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Fix the Fire Plan

Fix the Fire Plan

October 28, 2013  |  Ear to the Sand, Uncategorized

The Park Service has proposed a harmful fire management plan that would actually increase its manipulation of island ecosystems, even in the wilderness. Fire will continue to be suppressed, and salt water and fire retardant chemicals dumped across the island. Even worse, the Park Service proposes to do more mechanical fire interventions like bulldozing swaths of the island wilderness and spraying herbicides across large sections of the island.

Please email Superintendent Fred Boyles at in the next 30 days. None of the proposed alternatives in the plan are acceptable, but Alternative 3 at least acknowledges the wilderness and is the best of the current options. If possible, encourage the Park Service to do the following:

•    There should be no unnatural ignition except immediately around structures to create a defensible space and/or to retard an advancing natural fire line threatening a structure.

•    Trails should not be opened as firebreaks, but maintained at a minimal width as trails.

•    Saltwater is lethal to many species of plants and animals.  Its use should be restricted to immediate protection of structures.  The use of fire retardant chemicals should also be so restricted.

•    Water should not be taken from Whitney Lake for firefighting operations.  Buckets that have been used with retardant also introduce inappropriate chemicals to the natural system.  Large tanks for bucket dipping may be filled with freshwater at the Candler compound, Plum Orchard, Stafford Field, and Dungeness.

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