Beach Driving

Beach Driving

Beach driving is allowed along the entire 17-mile beach of Cumberland Island.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has issued over 250 beach driving permits (more than any other beach in the state of Georgia) to island residents and family members.

2020 Total Beach Driving Permits, as reported by the Georgia DNR

  • Cumberland Island: 256
  • Little Cumberland Island: 26
  • Sapelo Island: 64
  • Sea Island: 6

Private residents may have retained driving rights, but Cumberland Island’s remote nature lends itself to a lack of oversight and enforcement. Island visitors have observed private vehicles driving into groups of migrating and endangered birds, radios blaring from the back of pickup trucks driving across the sand, and the destruction of dunes and nesting areas.

Driving along the beach for anything other than scientific research purposes poses danger to sea turtle hatchlings, nesting and migrating shorebirds, and more.

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A place so pristine – and in such peril – should have better protection.

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