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Current News

Remembering V.J.

V.J. Henry, co-founder and chairman of Wild Cumberland, passed away last year. To honor V.J.’s conservation legacy, his daughter Carolyn Rader recently donated $500 to the chapter. Both V.J. and Carolyn have been long-time champions of Cumberland Island’s wilderness. V.J. earned his doctorate in Oceanography from Texas A & M. He joined the faculty at the University of Georgia and […]

The Gravest Danger

If you sell your home, do you expect to be able to keep living in it? That’s what one island family is trying to do. If there is one single island issue that you should absolutely care about and act upon, it’s the dangerous, precedent-setting plan to extend the retained rights of The Grange, a historic house on the south […]

Horses and Hogs

Superintendent Boyles also responded to letters from Wild Cumberland supporters regarding feral animals: “The National Park Service is well aware of the potential impacts of excessive numbers of feral hogs. To combat this, we have had a program in place since 2001 utilizing NPS wildlife biologists and technicians to conduct year-round hog management on Cumberland. In addition to this, the […]

Vehicle Tours Update

In response to numerous letters from Wild Cumberland members and supporters regarding the island vehicle tours, Superintendent Boyles offered the following reply: “The National Park Service (NPS) is following legislation passed by Congress in 2004 to implement tours to the North End of Cumberland Island. The legislation directed the park to offer a minimum of five tours daily and a […]

The Future of Fire

In the past six months, Superintendent Fred Boyles has taken some encouraging steps toward restoring fire to Cumberland Island. First, the park funded and supported a historical fire regime study that will help determine the role of fire on the Island. Second, the park has funded and intends to hire a fire management officer with a background in fire use […]

The most important island issue

When the National Park Service purchased lands from island owners to create Cumberland Island National Seashore in the late 1960s and early 1970s, they also granted retained rights to those people to continue living on the island for a finite period. Each of the retained rights granted by the National Park Service varied according to the contract signed by each […]

Fighting fires—and corruption

Earlier this summer, a small wildfire smoldered in the Cumberland Island Wilderness near Willow Pond. It likely would have fizzled out on its own, and there were no nearby structures for at least two miles. Cumberland Island adopted a fire management plan in 2004 that mandates full fire suppression, even in the wilderness. Several fire crews and two helicopters were […]