Machines and the Wilderness

The National Park Service continues to use a masticator to clear trees and brush along the road through the wilderness, and it has plans to use the machine to clear wilderness trails as well. The clearings are purportedly for fire management, but it accomplishes little. Wildlife has already been killed by the masticator, and using this heavy equipment to clear wilderness trails is a violation of the law. The island currently has a team of trail volunteers clearing trails by hand led by The Georgia Conservancy. These volunteers are doing it the right way. Let’s keep the heavy equipment out of the wilderness and allow these volunteers to keep trails open. Thanks for their hard work and for setting an example for the Park Service.


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  1. Dear Park Superintendent,
    I had the great pleasure of visiting Cumberland Island last week. A very special place indeed. Please keep it wild. There is much wisdom in doing nothing!

    Thank you,
    Ralph Fischer

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