Sample Letter: Stop the Subdivision

For those interested in opposing the proposed subdivision on Cumberland Island, here is a sample letter. Comments must be received by December 7:

Dear Mr. Landon and the Camden County Planning and Development Team,

Please encourage the Camden County Planning and Development Board to reject the proposed special exemption variance requested for the Rose/Warren property on Cumberland Island.
The proposed 10-lot subdivision is completely inappropriate for the sandy, rutted Main Road and the property’s location, less than a quarter-mile from the Cumberland Island Visitor Center and main dock.
Construction of a subdivision so close to the headquarters of Cumberland Island National Seashore and its 50,000 annual visitors will be detrimental to visitation, tourism, viewsheds, watersheds, and the sensitive ecology of Cumberland Island.
Rare and endangered species are located n the island and could be affected by a 10-lot development and construction.
It would also be visible to all visitors to the national seashore and affect viewsheds and watersheds on the south end of the island.
Cumberland Island is a global biosphere reserve.  A 10-lot development in the heart of the visitor experience will detract from the beauty and serenity that visitors seek when planning trips to Cumberland.
Arriving on Cumberland Island National Seashore to find a 10-lot development right next to the visitor center will discourage visitors and damage both the island and the visitors’ experience.
Cumberland Island’s founding legislation mandated that the island gradually evolve into a wilder, less developed national seashore as retained rights expire. Allowing a 10-lot subdivision would be a violation of Congressional will and the public trust.
Thank you for considering these concerns.

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  1. I hope that Mr. Landon has the wisdom to understand the importance of Cumberland Island as a wilderness. Look around the area and all one sees is development. Can’t one little island remain a wilderness? Why does one owner get to profit? The future of something very precious is at stake here, a wilderness island for future generations. One developer versus millions of people.

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