Visitor Use Management Plan

Visitor Use Management Plan

The National Park Service is currently working on a Visitor Use Management Plan that could reshape the visitor experience and has the potential to adversely impact the delicate ecosystems of Cumberland Island.

Cumberland Island - Visitor Signs
The NPS is considering additional comfort stations, backcountry campsites, guided tours, and more. The first round of the plan was available for public comment in 2019 and a second round was planned for public release in late 2019 – early 2020.

Read the Visitor Use Management Plan for yourself here. You can also view excerpts from the plan below.

Wild Cumberland appreciates that the National Park Service is planning for the future. However, we firmly believe that first and foremost, a Wilderness Management Plan should be created (and enforced) to ensure proper protection of the island’s natural resources before any plans for visitor accommodation are considered.

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Please take action on this issue by sending this form letter to our National Park Service representatives to let them know we are waiting!