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The Wild Cumberland Podcast

The Wild Cumberland Podcast

The Wild Cumberland podcast is a great way to stay in tune with the things that affect Cumberland Island. Join to Jessica and Devin as they discuss with more in-depth detail, the topics outlined in the Wild Cumberland newsletter. Listen along on your morning jog or on your way to work.

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As you engage, we eagerly welcome your thoughts and feedback. At Wild Cumberland, our commitment is to comprehensively cover the issues that hold significance for you. Do you have innovative ideas or valuable suggestions? Reach out to us through our contact page – your input is vital in shaping the content that matters most to our community.

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New! Episode #10: Special Episode

Jessica interviews renowned artist Dorothy O’Connor. Listen as they discuss Dorothy’s larger-than-life Atlanta Science Festival installation that she curated all found materials.

New! Episode #9: April

In April’s episode, we discuss the arrival of a new superintendent for the Seashore, which we happened to announce on April 1st — April Fools’ Day — but, thankfully, this is NOT a joke. 

We also recap our “Art of Activism” event, the development of a new trail from Crooked River State Park to St Marys, a lawsuit related to the NPS’ cashless policy, the Blake Plateau, and more!

New! Episode #8: March

This episode discusses our upcoming event with Atlanta Science Festival, touch on the Eastern Wilderness Act and something called the Endangered Wilderness Act, and talk about some local, national, and NPS news that could affect Cumberland Island and its Wilderness.

Episode #7: February

In this episode, we’ll drop some details about our upcoming program with the Atlanta Science Festival and our Commitment to Cumberland 2024 program. We also have updates on the appointment of a NEW interim superintendent for Cumberland Island National Seashore, with some other local news.

Episode #6: Special Episode

In this special episode, learn about the delicate history of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle and its relation to Cumberland Island.

Episode #5: January

In January episode, we’ll give you some continuing updates on the litigation related to Cumberland Island’s feral horses. We’ll also highlight the development of yet another plan for the Seashore, as well as some bills that you should have on your radar that could have ramifications for Wilderness.

Episode #4: December

In this episode, we’ll touch on Spaceport Camden, the possibility of a new municipal airport, guided Wilderness adventures, the return of our virtual fundraiser, and the status of the Cumberland Island Wilderness as we close out 2023.

Episode #3: November

We’re waiting…on a lot of things. A new Superintendent, an update on the Seashore’s proposed Visitor Use Management Plan, feral horse litigation, and more. And, what do you think about the federal government refusing its own currency?

Episode #2: October

Get up to speed on some of the big issues currently affecting Cumberland Island in this episode of the Wild Cumberland podcast.

Episode #1: September

Our first episode happened to occur during National Wilderness Month! Hear updates from our monthly email newsletter.

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