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Property Plan Update

In one month, the National Park Service received over 2,000 comments on its retained rights property disposition plan.  Many were in support of opening The Grange to the public. Others were critical of the Park’s plan to maintain three additional island buildings for government housing.

The National Park Service’s Retained Rights Property Disposition proposes making the Carnegie structure at Dungeness, known as “the Grange,” available to the public. The plan also proposes the removal of three other island structures, and renovating, maintaining, and using three more for government housing purposes.

Controversy exists because the Grange was held by Carnegie descendents who are now not inclined to accept the terms of their contract with the government and wish to extend their tenure.  They contend that the National Park Service cannot afford to maintain the structure, yet when they relinquished it, the building apparently suffered roof, plumbing, wiring, and termite damage, raising questions about their own stewardship.

Conservation groups are concerned over the Park Service’s plan to establish yet more island government housing facilities. The Park Service can already accommodate 60 people, and their mandate is to preserve the natural landscape.

Because the National Park Service could face legal challenges, they are examining the final plan carefully. The final verdict on the proposed plan is still pending.