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NPS-Controlled Burn Follows Whitney Lightning Fire

This month, the National Park Service utilized miles of firebreaks and other expensive techniques to control a naturally-occurring fire in the Wilderness Area — and then immediately proceeded with a controlled burn. On June 29, 2019, the “Whitney Fire” (which never went to Whitney Lake) was ignited by a naturally-occurring source, a lightning strike. Over the next month, the NPS […]

Bicycles and the Wilderness

The “no bicycles allowed” sign on the Duckhouse Trail at the beach was recently vandalized — torn off.  Bicycles regularly use both Duckhouse and Willow Pond Wilderness Trails.  As if mocking the Wilderness, the National Park Service allows campers to bicycle with all their camping gear to Brickhill Campsite, as long as the bikes are left at the road.  The […]

Machines and the Wilderness

The National Park Service continues to use a masticator to clear trees and brush along the road through the wilderness, and it has plans to use the machine to clear wilderness trails as well. The clearings are purportedly for fire management, but it accomplishes little. Wildlife has already been killed by the masticator, and using this heavy equipment to clear […]